Stupid Girls

Through the research I’ve done over the course of my blog, I’ve found lots of sources that make the point that media can tend to make females look stupid, and stereotype females that way.  Along with that, young ladies tend to mimic what they see in the media.  This video shows a young girl at the beginning mimicking what she sees in the beginning.  She’s wearing a boyish shirt, holding a Barbie.  She has and “angel” and “devil” on each shoulder, pulling her in different directions.  The video makes “stupid” girls look very unappealing, and at the end, the girl decides to play with the football.  I like how she says “what happened to the dreams of girl president?/she’s dancing in the video next to 50 cent.”  It makes a good point, because some girls think that dumbing themselves down, and getting careers that exploit women, rather than make them look smart.  I think this video is a good influence on young ladies, because it’s different from what they usually see in the media, and makes a mockery of it, rather than promoting that sort of behavior.


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