This blog experience has been very educational and eye opening for myself, and I’ve been able to draw several conclusions from my research.

The first important conclusion, is that the feminist movement is not an outdated, “already-over” movement.  It is still very active, and very important in our society.  Women are still not being treated as equal as they could be, and still have to be encouraged to take a stand and make equality a reality.

A second conclusion I’ve made is that a lot of media reflects how women are treated in society, and mocked.  Like, for example, my clip I posted from the movie “The Sandlot”.  Women were used as insults, and made to seem like they are horrible at sports in comparison to men.  The media also places women into roles of society, such as housewives, cleaners, cookers, sex symbols, etc.

A third conclusion, is that I’ve found that music and PSAs showed the most female empowerment out of everything else I went through at researched.  Music was also a very popular and awesome way to actually reach people, especially when it is music of popular, well-known artists.  I think that music is the best way to get people to actually pay attention and listen, and understand the inequalities that are real in our society.

A fourth conclusion I’ve made, is that it is much harder to find examples that actually empower women and the feminist movement, then it is to find examples that lack/suppress female empowerment.  Finding examples of media that suppress women, and stereotype them into roles was all to easy, but it definitely took some digging to find good examples of female empowerment.

All in all, it seems as though media more so in favor of keeping women below men in society, unfortunately.  Women have made important strides towards equality throughout history by taking a stand and keeping the faith.  The key to equality is expressed through the examples of speaking up through media, and not stopping the fight for equality, no matter how long it takes.  Media can be a very powerful weapon in the war for the feminist movement and equality, and should be used to it’s fullest extent.  As said in my “James Bond Actor PSA” example, “Are we equals?  Until the answer is yes, we must never stop asking.”


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