Classic scene from The Sandlot

I was watching this movie today, and as soon as this classic scene came on, and I actually thought about it, I knew I had to post it! I don’t think I know one person who doesn’t like this movie, “The Sandlot”.  However, I know many people are are completely ignorant about how sexist this scene really is.  They go on and on with insults, and everything goes quiet when the “worst insult” comes out “You play ball like a girl!”  It’s actually very offensive.  All throughout history, women have been discriminated against when it comes to sports, and it seems to me like it still goes on now to a certain extent, considering women’s sports and men’s sports are seperated, and men’s sports get more recognition and views then women’s.  Not only that, but I’ve never noticed an”end” to the whole men are stronger and athletic then women thing.  “In the 1930s, some doctors warned that high-stress sports might harm a woman’s reproductive system. If you watched the movie “A League of Their Own,” you know that players in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League of 1943 to 1954 had to attend charm school. There, they studied etiquette and beauty routines, including how to arrange their hair in a manner that would “best retain its natural style despite vigorous play… A turning point for women’s sports occurred when President Richard Nixon signed Title IX of the Educational Amendment of 1972, which states that any educational program receiving Federal assistance can lose its funding if it discriminates on the basis of sex. This legislation was a great opportunity for women because it gave female athletes access to better equipment, coaches, playing fields, and travel budgets. Before Title IX, Interscholastic competition for females had been declining over the years. In 1970, only one out of 27 girls played high school varsity sports. Now, due in part to Title IX, that number is one in three.” (Women in Sports: The Struggle for Equality,


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