Cinderella – The Cheetah Girls

This is a clip from from one of those Disney channel original movies, “The Cheetah Girls”.  I found this clip interesting because most Disney movies I watch are definitely all about the man saving the day, and women being dependent on men and catering to men.  However, this song in this particular movie is all about the complete opposite, and I think is definitely and great influence on the young crowd that views it.  It talks about not waiting around for a “prince” to save you.  Also, that women are capable to doing things themselves and they should not be dependent on men.  I like how it mentions that “fairy tales” express this image that women need to be rescued, especially since it’s ironic in a Disney movie.  It lets girls that are exposed to all the “Disney princess” stuff know that they can accomplish whatever they want and are strong enough to be independent.


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