James Bond Star in Womens’s Rights PSA

In this video, Daniel Craig, the star of the James Bond movies, takes part in a PSA for women’s rights.  While you are watching him, the narrator shares a variety of important facts about how women are treated in the world.  I thought it was a good point that she mentions that the world is changing, but that women still are NOT equal.  This is a good point because the world is progressing, and with that many people do feel like women are equal at this point, even though there are so many things that still need change.  Another thing that stood out to me as having a good meaning is how as soon as he dresses in drag, and as more and more information on how women are treated is stated, he begins to take off the various parts of his outfit that make him look like a woman.  It’s almost like at first, like many men, he thinks being a woman is easy, and dresses up right away.  Then, once he realizes how hard it actually is, he realizes he wouldn’t be able to handle the inequality that truly exists in our society.  I like that a male celebrity was used for a women’s rights PSA, as well, because typically women are used to convey this information.  Showing that a man cares about these issues helps this PSA to appeal to a male audience, as well.  My favorite part about the video, is at the very end she says “So, are we equals?  Until the answer is yes, we must never stop asking.”  This promotes more and more advocacy and encourages a fight for equality until it is ACTUALLY achieved.


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