Nestlé’s Yorkie Candy Bar Ads

This ad  is obvious as to why it has to do with feminism.  It blatantly has a “no girls” iconic sign posted on the front of it!  This specific candy bar was launched in the 1980s.  in 2001, the advertisement campaign for the candy made the slogan “It’s not for girls!”  This particular bar was made chunkier than the other chocolate bars and made for men as a target.  Therefore, Nestlé associated chunkier with “manlier,” and something girls just “couldn’t handle” like men, if you will.  The slogan for this bar caused lots of controversy, as you could imagine.  In 2006, there was a special edition Yorkie bar that “was for girls” and was wrapped in pink (the most feminine color, basically). For those who aren’t familiar with UK slang, “birds” is slang for women.  Also, it tries to say that women are not good drivers, and therefore should not waste their time with a Yorkie bar, because they cannot handle it, and have better places to spend money.  Honestly, this idea/ad is shocking to me, not to mention offensive.


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