“Can’t Hold Us Down” Christina Aguilera Music Video as Female Empowerment

This is the music video of the Christina Aguilera song “Can’t Hold Us Down” that came out in 2003 and was very popular, and played on MTV and the radio.  The title of the song gives a good idea of the point that Aguilera is trying to get across through her music, and is most definitely an example of feminism in the media.  She puts a lot of emphasis on “double standards” between men and women in society, one being how men are allowed and accepted to “get around”, and women are not.  She also describes how society doesn’t typically like when women have opinions.  What I got from the song is that even though society does not accept women being loud about their opinions and such, we should still speak up, because women should not just step back and let society oppress us.  Another thing that stood out to me in this video was the choice of wardrobe.  It is almost like the women dressed up in such a way to “exploit” themselves, so that they could get people’s attention.


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