Analysis So Far…

From what I’ve had the chance to explore so far when it comes to popular feminism and the media, I’ve formed new opinions and learned a lot. One thing I’ve found to be true that has really stood out is that there is definitely more things in the media that LACK female empowerment and do the opposite, than there are things that express female empowerment and actually support popular feminism.

The only form of feminism/female empowerment in the media I have posted so far was the Christina Aguilera Video. This video made the point that we and women should not back down. We should voice our opinions, and be aware of the double standards that do exist and try to conquer them. This was the most modern/recent form of popular feminism I came across, and it probably the reason it was the most empowering for women, since in this day and age we have actually come along way in terms of equal rights for both sexes in such. That progress is shown in this video, but still makes the point that somethings still need change.

The other two ads were clearly oppressive of women (or at least the feminist movement). For example, the Yorkie bar was “Not for Girls.” This ad is just silly, because why shouldn’t a women be able to handle a candy bar? Not only that, but in order to relate and advertise to the target group of men, they have to make it seem like it’s too “manly” for women. The Clorox ad was just shocking. They took a popular feminism icon and tried to place it into the same category as stereotypical housewife work. By doing this, the company minimizes the importance and meaning of the icon, which is sad.

What I want to leave you with, is to think about how many there are ads out there that LACK female empowerment. Because this is definitely what I thought about and have been critically thinking about at this point in my blog. The amount of examples in the media that lack popular feminism easily outnumber the amount that support it. My goal at this point is to really tear apart all of these ads that try to place women into certain roles of society, as well as try to find more ads that actually do possess traits of female empowerment.


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  1. Madhavi Murty
    May 31, 2011 @ 13:21:39

    Good work Alana. Some great artifacts – advertising is an interesting medium to discuss this issue. And music and female artistes make the conversation even more interesting. As you continue to work on the blog, pay even closer attention to the text itself. Keep up the good work.


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